Grand vin de bordeaux

The work carried out in the cellars is as important as that in the vineyard because it is the place where the product of authentic and careful workmanship is brought to life.

Les chais

The topping up
“L’ouillage” is the periodically topping up of the barrels through the bunghole during the ageing period of the wine. Its purpose is to always maintain the maximum level of the wine in the barrel to avoid oxidation.

Racking permits the oxygenation of the wine and separates the dregs. This has the effect of making the wine clear.

Alcoholic fermentation is the transformation into sugar alcohol contained in the grape must. During the fermentation the temperature must be rigorously controlled. In fact, alcoholic fermentation generates an increase in temperature. If it becomes too high it can kill the yeasts responsible for the fermentation.

White wines
After a light settling, the grape must ferments for 2 to 3 weeks at a controlled temperature (between 20 to 23°). La Réserve du Château La Rame ferments in wooden barrels.

Running off
When alcoholic fermentation is complete, the young wine (vin de goutte) must be separated from any solids (skins, pips) that are left and make up the marc. The marc will also be taken out of the vats (devatting), it will be pressed and give the pressed wine more tannins. It can be blended, totally or partly with the “vin de goutte “at the end of the running off.

maturing process
Our “Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux, Sainte Croix du Mont and sweet white Cadillac wines » are matured in oak barrels, a third are renewed every year and this every two years. Our Bordeaux reds, dry, rosé and part of our Sainte Croix du Mont are aged in temperature regulated vats for 12 to 18 months.

Splicing consists of adding to the wine a protein which will precipitate the molecules responsible for sediment. This will bring a clarification to the wine and can produce an evolution of the aromas which become more fine and complex, the tannins less rough etc

Blending is an essential operation where we let our creativity run free. We taste all our batches (in barrels, in vats, young vines, old vines) of our different wines. The objective is to create our vintages depending on precise specifications that we have fixed for ourselves and the personality of each one.

After all the creative work, the wine is at last ready to be bottled for our immense pleasure!

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